The reason of going to Mongolia

Bp Lee

A translation of Bp. Joseph Lee’s writing on the Connect Korea, The reason why a retired bishop is going to Mongolia.

I and my wife, Susanna, is leaving to Mongolia in January 2010. I suppoese the willing of God is pushing us to there. We also wonder how we came to decide it.

I will live in a flat in Ulaanbaatar, which Pastor Abraham Park once stayed when he was preparing mission work as the first mission partner from Pusan Diocese. It needs repairs, but I think it will be finished before I get there.

I will learn the language in Huree University in the city. I will teach the students English. Fortunately, the university formally appoint me as a faculty, I and my wife could get long term VISA.

I can continue the works of mobile bible school for church leaders during the vacation in January, June and September. The government does not allow religious activities in campuses, so I may open bible study groups in my house or some other place. I pray this may give chance to meet future leaders of the church, or to do enhenced workshops on pastoral ministry.

As a clergyman, I will regularly do prayers and services. For example, I would celebrate Eucharistic Service in English on Sundays, in my house or other place. Church member in the city may come, or at least, I will seek for people to come among regidences of offices from abroad. Evangelism and minstry for the local people may be posible in the future.

The best wish is to set a seminary in Mongolia. It will be started by theological training for local leaders of  house churches, and come forth leaders to do qualified ministry among local congregations or parishes.

For these visions, I will give my whole mind and effort as long as my health allows.

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